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Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. (HSY, INC.) is a central Illinois scrap metal processor and recycling business. HSY, INC. buys, processes and sells scrap metals derived from our local “across the scale customers” to Fortune 500 companies, from obsolete industrial plant materials to complete industrial plant tear downs, demolition services and clean-up, along with other various sources.

Since its inception in 1971, Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. has strived to be a leader in the field of scrap processing and demolition work. Over the years the business has re-created its work focus, from a Chicago regional scrap contract with Burlington-Northern to performing petrol-chemical plant demolition for Texaco and Mobil Oil, to name a few. HSY, Inc. has successfully completed demolition contracts across the United States, working in Texas for four continuous years for one petrol-chemical company; leading to the current focus of industrial scrap processing with container placement and local client services.

As its sole owner, Michael Hitchcock, Sr. is a second generation scrap yard owner. It is his mission to leave a legacy of setting new standards in the scrap processing field by a small business owner. With concrete paved drives for both customers and semi tractor trailers, HSY, INC. offers its clients a safe and environmentally friendly location for recycling all kinds of scrap, both ferrous and non-ferrous.

At HSY, INC., we are proud to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We have been certified since 2005. HSY, INC.'s environmental protection and action plan ensures that the handling of your scrap metals is done in a responsible and proper ecological manner. We know that responsibility for our environment doesn't end when your scrap leaves your facility, and that is why our commitment to provide a clean, environmentally responsible scrap processing facility is paramount to your trust in us.

Owner, Mike Hitchcock , strives for superior customer service and commitment, environmental correctness, delivery of quality products, along with a safe working environment for our employees and customers alike. Our key employees have a proven track record in the scrap processing industry – with experience ranging from ten to twenty years of continued employment at HSY, INC.

HSY, INC. offers to its customers a foundation built on honesty and integrity, fulfilling commitments to our customers and to the communities in which we live, work and operate. We have a long-standing record of sound financial stability, reliable service, and delivery of consistently high quality products. HSY, INC. can offer to its customers a level of expertise that enables us to be innovative, while meeting each and every customer's diverse needs.

Our company profile reflects sustained fiscal stability. We have experienced continued growth and expansion, moving to our current location over seventeen years ago. In 2011 another expansion phase began, with an expected late fall or early winter of 2013 completion date.

Hitchcock Scrap Yard's continued fiscal stability has provided for investment in new efficient equipment, allowing us to meet our customer's needs. Contracts were signed for delivery of two new material handlers in 2011, with an expected delivery date in early 2012, along with a new fleet of Caterpillar semis.

Hitchcock Scrap Yard continually renews its line of trailers, whether it be scrap gondolas, flatbeds, dump trailers or roll off boxes. At HSY, INC., we strive to provide our customer's with clean, safe and modern equipment for the customer's site or business property.

At Hitchcock Scrap Yard, we are always developing new and expanded services, and tailoring them to meet each individual customer's needs and specifications. We are always available to accommodate our customer's changing needs; whether it be a seasonal clean up project or a special project to phase out obsolete or older plant equipment.

Safety in our industry is a number one priority at all times. Hitchcock Scrap Yard provides and requires safety training at all levels of employment, whether you are a new employee or a seasoned, experienced scrap processing employee. Always conscious about safety concerns, Hitchcock Scrap Yard retains a full time OSHA Outreach Trainer for Construction Safety, who in turn, works closely with employees on meeting the OSHA guidelines, with expectations & results that actually exceed those guidelines.

Management is committed to the best safe work practices and provides the best available safety equipment. Key personnel at Hitchcock Scrap Yard have the OSHA 10 hour construction safety course, with additional training hours going towards the 40 hour construction safety course.

When appropriate, outside instructors are brought in for additional training. We seek out the most qualified instructors when needed and provide the training to our employees, along with all training facilities and costs associated with that training.

The continued health and welfare of everyone at Hitchcock Scrap Yard is paramount. We are committed to safe work practices, a neat, orderly workplace and the strict adherence to these principles to ensure the day to day work routine is being conducted in an environmentally safe and healthy manner.

Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. has completed a qualification package by an independent third party; Browz. Should you wish to view our environmental safety & health plan, along with our past 3 years Experience Modification Rate, and other data about our company, you can log onto browz.com and enter our company name in the appropriate field to view our information.

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Hitchcock Scrap Yard
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