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Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. employees are provided with paid vacation time, paid time off for different Holidays, a profit sharing plan, and a health insurance plan. With a very low turnover rate in key employee positions, Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. is able to utilize experienced scrap processing employees with proven track records and a strong history working in the scarp processing field.

In addition to the positions for the ferrous and non-ferrous areas of the business, Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. employs full time office staff positions with very low turn over. These positions cover bookkeeping duties, scale operations, truck fleet scheduling, data processing, customer service, and maintenance. Most office staff positionsinclude cross training to ensure that Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. services are never interrupted, accounts receivable/payable are always current, customer service is maintained at a high level, and attention to detail for the day to day operation of the corporate office is never compromised.

Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc. recently built a new mechanic's and welding shop, as part of an expansion that was completed in 2005. Experienced and certified mechanics and welders are on staff providing a complete maintenance schedule for the scrap processing equipment and regular service to the fleet of semi-trucks and trailers. The new shops offers state of the art equipment, along with an organized storage area for additional parts.

We currently have plans a new 30,000 square foot non-ferrous warehouse complete with new large two ram non-ferrous balers for increased volume capacity. The building will also include a new inside drive-thru area for customers to sell their non-ferrous scrap, including aluminum cans. Payment will be made electronically with photo i.d.

A truck washing/cleaning station will be added to the shop building in future additions. Additional expansion is currently under construction, with an anticipated completion date in late 2012. Watch for the new expansion changes over the next year.

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Hitchcock Scrap Yard, we would encourage you to apply in person at the corporate office location. An ID, work history, and refrences will be needed along with your personal information to complete the application process. A pre-employment drug screen is mandatory and is done at the expense of the company, prior to any offer of employment.

Apply in person at:

Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc.
22501 S. IL 78
Canton, IL 61520

Or forward your resume to:

Hitchcock Scrap Yard, Inc.
Corporate Office Location Personnel Dept.
P.O. Box 641
Canton, IL 61520

No telephone calls are accepted when applying for employment opportunities.

  Current Opportunities

Scrap Processing
Equipment Operators
Several positions are available. You must be experienced and able to pass a machine operation certification. Please attach any current certifications to your resume.

Entry Level Laborers
This includes customer service, sorting, and other work.

This position requires a minimum of approximately four hours each day, with the possibilty of becoming a full time position as expansion plans are completed. Please inquire about this position in person. Further information will be provided to the right candidate.